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       Are Sky Lanterns safe to use?  

Are Sky Lanterns safe to use?

Sky Lanterns are perfectly safe providing you follow the ‘safety guidelines' which are as follows:

- Under no circumstances should you attempt to launch Sky Lanterns in windy conditions as this could result in damage to trees or property.
- Do not launch a damaged sky lantern as this may be dangerous and cause injury.
- Do not launch in an area that could cause a fire such as near trees, crops and hay bales etc.
- Obstacles in the path of the lantern such as buildings and trees should be at least 30 metres away.
- Do not release the lantern in an area where the glow could be considered as a distress signal.
- Prior to use, ensure lanterns are stored in a dry and secure place away from children.
- Do not light or release a sky lantern wearing flammable clothing. For additional safety, gloves should be worn. The sky lantern should not be left unattended at any time.
- Do not launch a sky lantern within 5 miles of an airfield or airport.
- Launching a sky lantern in an inappropriate location or manner may cause damage to persons or property which could make you liable for criminal damage and prosecution.

Failure to comply with any of the above safety guidelines could results in damage to persons or property. Sky Lanterns are purchased and launched at your own risk and Night Sky Lanterns take no responsibility for damage that may occur as a result.

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