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FAQ on Sky Lanterns Flying Chinese Lanterns

Q. How are lanterns assembled and released?

A. Our lanterns are easy to assemble
simply by attaching the wax fuel cell. To launch just follow the simple instructions enclosed with each pack. No tools are required for assembly and lanterns can be launched single handedly or together with colleagues.

Q. What are the ideal conditions to release sky lanterns?

A. Sky lanterns are best released when the weather is clear and fine with only a light wind. They should be released in open areas clear of any obstructions such as overhead power cables, tall buildings, trees, flight paths etc. It is not advisable to release them when it is raining.

Q. What altitude do sky lanterns achieve?

A. Like a hot air balloon the altitude reached will depend on the atmospheric and geographical conditions at the launch site as well as the size of the lantern and fuel cell used. We know some of our lanterns have reached altitudes of 800 metres.

Q. Are Sky Lanterns environmentally friendly?

A. Yes indeed! Our lanterns unlike many other types of sky lanterns avaliable are manufactured entirely from environmentally friendly and biodegradable materials i.e .recycled acid-free 17gsm paper, waste bamboo and wax. When the fuel cell extinguishes the lanterns parachute gently back to earth and will biodegrade.

Q. Are Sky Lanterns safe to use.

A. Yes, when adhering to the safety guide and instructions provided. Far safer than fireworks and that of lesser quality lanterns available.

Once the Fuel Cell has expired, there is no flame or fuel material left, so the lanterns float gently back to the Earth. Falling Lanterns with extinguished fuel cell pose no fire risk.

The Sky lantern and fuel cell may in no way be modified or altered from its original state.

Sky Lanterns are made from biodegradable materials; Rice or Mulberry paper, on a Bamboo frame, which means they decompose in the shortest of times.
Please adhere to the safety guidelines and instructions laid out before you at all times.

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