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       Flying Lanterns - Safety Instructions  

Flying Lanterns - Safety Instructions

Sky lanterns are for outdoor use only and are not toys. They should be kept away from children at all times and only used by competent adults. Do not use them under the influence of alcohol or drugs or otherwise if you do not feel safe.

Completely familiarise yourself with the lanterns before lighting and launching them. Remove any protective paper from the wire suspending the wick and the small protective plastic bag (if applicable) covering the wick before lighting. Please refer to the release instructions for more information and follow the instructions carefully.

Do not launch in wind conditions that make lighting the lantern difficult. In any case ensure that the wind is not stronger than 5 mph (please refer to a weather forecast for wind speeds in your area such as

Before the lantern is launched, the naked flame must be supervised at all times. Make sure you have water and / or fire extinguishers at hand and keep the lantern away from any flammable materials. Do not smoke near the lantern.

Launching a lantern in strong winds, which is torn or has burn holes or is otherwise damaged or defective may cause premature landing and fire at the point of grounding. Do not launch the lantern in such circumstances.

Check the wind direction prior to releasing the lanterns - obstacles such as buildings and trees and cables should not be in the direct flight path of the lantern and must be at least 30 meters away.

Do not release lanterns within a five mile radius of an operational airport or landing strip as the lanterns could interfere with low flying aircraft.

Do not release lanterns within two miles of a major road or motorway as the lanterns could come to rest in the path of a vehicle.

Do not release the lanterns in an area where the glow could be confused as a distress signal. Please ensure you contact the local coast guard if you intend releasing your lanterns on the beach or near the coast. This will avoid causing unnecessary alarm.

Do not release the lanterns anywhere near dry crops or woodland or any other flammable areas. Do not release the lantern anywhere where it may cause damage or be a nuisance.

Prior to use, the lanterns should be kept in a dry, secure place away from children and animals. Ensure that all children are kept under supervision and away from the source of ignition during the release.
Do not light and release the lanterns wearing flammable clothing in case the flame from the wick ignites the clothing. For additional safety, protective clothes can be worn.

Once the sky lantern has been lit and released, it must not be reused.

Launching sky lanterns in inappropriate surroundings or weather conditions or if they are damaged or defective in any way may cause fires. It could make you liable to criminal charges or civil claims for damages.

In any event, only use the lantern when you feel it is safe to do so. If you have any concerns, please contact us.


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