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Sky Lanterns and Sky Shows

It would be perfect to use Sky Lanterns at the Sky Show! At the end of the show just before the fireworks end, it would be magical to release some sky lanterns up into the sky alongside the fireworks, it would look amazing and the aircrafts would be long gone by then so they wouldn't post a threat to the pilots in any way. If you are attending a sky show in the near future, consider taking some sky lanterns to release and add to the marvel in the skies!

Some towns around the world will have an annual Sky or Air Show at some point during the year to showcase the talents of pilots and to put on an awe-inspiring fireworks display. A lot of the time there will be a group of light aircrafts that do tricks and aerobatics and a select group of pilots who fly the fighter jets. The fighter jets usually do high speed air tricks including the ever popular dump and burn which is also referred to as “torching” or “zippos” .

A dump-and-burn is a fuel dump in which the fuel is ignited intentionally using the plane’s afterburner. The spectacular flame combined with high speed makes this is a popular display for air and sky shows or as a finale to a fireworks display.

There’s a particular sky show held each year in Townsville, Queensland, Australia along The Strand which is a long stretch of beach where families usually play, people have fish and chips and things like the Sky Show are held there. The Townsville Sky Show is one of the most anticipated day/night events of the year. Besides the impressive fireworks display at the end of the show, there’s the RAAF’s (Royal Australian Air Force) fleet of fine aircrafts on display including the popular F-111s


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