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       The Chinese Lantern sky Makes a Comeback  

The Chinese sky Lantern Makes a Comeback

The Chinese sky Lantern was seen as an object that created good luck and fortune so the lanterns were made frequently and released even more frequently at festivals and special events. Over the past couple of years the lanterns have become popular once again. In the UK alone, they have become one of the most popular items used at a wedding.

Brides and Grooms across the United Kingdom have stumbled upon the beauty of a Chinese Lantern and the visual spectacular they can create in the skies above once released. Happy couples usually purchase between 50 and 200 lanterns and have the guests from their wedding release them at the end of the ceremony or reception. As Chinese Lanterns are made from rice paper they can be written on in a soft felt tip pen carefully so people often write wishes on the lanterns for the new couple and send them up into the sky.

There’s not much to a Chinese Lantern. Just some rice paper, bamboo, fuel cell and thin wire. So considering there’s not much to them, it’s amazing what they can create! They can make people cry, laugh and even stand there with their mouth open in awe. But most importantly, they help people to send off their wishes which is probably why they are so popular once again.

Chinese Lanterns are quite difficult to make due to the delicate nature of the product materials but are proving to be extremely popular once again. The Chinese Lantern was first used many years ago in Asian Festivals where people would make the lanterns themselves then release the lantern up into the sky as it was thought the lantern would take away their worries and problems with it up into the sky never to been seen again


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