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We are a profession wedding lanterns and sky lanterns and wish lanterns manufacturer in china.Our wedding lanterns and sky lanterns and wish lanterns quality are very good.

Wedding wish lanterns are also known as Sky Lanterns, Chinese Lanterns, Flying Lanterns and Khoom Fay.

Wedding lanterns from Wish Lantern are a wedding accessory fast sweeping the nation, as a safe and more peaceful alternative to fireworks, which create an amazing visual effect. They are similar to a mini hot air balloons, which are lit, and float into the sky, with a bright glow as they disappear from sight.

Wedding lanterns from Wish Lantern are the perfect way to add some magic to your special day. Set off in unison they look spectacular as they slowly drift off into the night sky. They function in a similar fashion to a hot air balloon, which once lit begins to fill with hot air and once ready floats into the air. Your guests will enjoy being part of the fun as they pair up to set them off.

Wedding wish lanterns are traditionally used in Asia at celebrations throughout the year. Their release at a wedding reception symoblises hopes and wishes of good luck for the future, and the floating away of worries and problems.

These wedding lanterns add charismatic effect to your party and can be strung indoor and outdoor. These are available in various colors and sizes and can be customized as per your specifications. You can also use wedding lanterns to send off messages for a wedding couple by fixing them stationary or can float them in the sky.

Our collection of wedding lanterns is available in 12 different sizes and can also be custom-made as per your special requirement.

If you are looking for stunning decorations for your wedding ceremony or reception, we carry the finest wedding lanterns at affordable prices. Our wedding lanterns come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and are made of the finest materials available. Whether you are looking for sky wedding lanterns for a dramatic bride and groom send off, or candle lanterns to line the aisle, our wedding lanterns will add charm and elegance on your wedding day.

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